Tony Robinson credits John Torode for introducing him to ‘love of his life’


Sir Tony Robinson shares cancer update

Blackadder star Tony Robinson will be celebrating his 12th wedding anniversary this year with Louise Hobbs after they met when they were forced to sit together at an overcrowded restaurant.

Recounting the bizarre story on the White Wine Question Time podcast with Kate Thornton, the 76-year-old casually noted that the Smithfield restaurant where he met Louise was called Spitz.

Kate interjected: “John Torode owned it.”

The actor sat in stunned silence for a moment before exclaiming: “Did he? I never knew that!

“Well, it's because of John Torode that I met the love of my life, how funny.”

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Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson and Louie Hobbs met in 2003 at John Torode's restaurant (Image: GETTY)

He explained he and Louise happened to be at the restaurant at the same time for lunch, but because it was overbooked they were offered the option to sit and eat together as complete strangers.

The father-of-two recalled the feeling of being “suddenly sat down in front of the most fantastic person I've ever met”.

After they had eaten, the pair took their impromptu date outside through the Smithfield Market as Tony charmingly walked Louise back to her work at a nearby university.

As they were about to part ways, Louise mentioned she thoroughly enjoyed Time Team and the star generously offered her a backstage view of the iconic show.

Tony Robinson

Tony and Louise tied the knot in 2011 (Image: GETTY)

Louise questioned: “Where would I sleep?” and seemingly attempting to flirt, Tony declared: “Oh, we’ve got loads of tents…” as he burst out laughing.

Despite his fumble, a romance blossomed between the two but it quickly garnered some controversy among the star’s fanbase.

In particular, fans were disgruntled by their 35-year age gap as Louise is two years younger than Tony’s daughter from his second marriage.

Speaking on Loose Women in 2016, five years after tying the knot with Louise, Tony was still facing scrutiny over their relationship and set the record straight stating that the age gap is “not an issue for us”, and revealed that even his daughter is “absolutely cool” with it.

The couple has continuously proved their age gap has no effect on their relationship as Louise has stood by Tony’s side throughout his cancer battle.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer a decade ago, and in another Loose Women appearance earlier this year he assured fans that he is “fine”, determined to “die with it” instead of dying because of cancer.