Every word from Mauricio Pochettino on Mykhailo Mudryk injury, Caicedo, Broja and Chelsea win


What did you make of the performance and how did you feel for Mudryk tonight?

It is the same feeling from the start of the season, the difference is the result we got what we deserve. The performance was very good. In the first half I think we play really well. Second half I think we controlled more of the game.

Pleased for Mudryk and for Armando, for Misha he scored his first goal in the Premier League and for Armando after a long period out he scored again. The competition is really good for the team. I hope Misha is not a big issue because he feel something in his quad at the end of the first half and hopefully he arrives on Saturday.

Question of unlocking Mudryk's potential? About grabbing a goal?

It’s about maturity, adaptation we need to understand young people need time to settle. A massive change for him when he arrived here. When you arrive in a team its not easy to settle because being honest, too many young players arrive to a team that is not solid. It’s not the cherry of the cake. They need to add something to the team to add something important. It is difficult but it about time, and to be patient. It is to trust these guys, these young talented players.

It’s a massive job, a step-by-step but very short steps. Sometimes people don’t have the patience but for us it is patience. Even when were losing and not winning at the beginning of the season. We were calm, and believed and were confidence. Now we have won two games in the last few days, I think it is important to be calm, to keep improving, to trust and to build belief and confidence.

How have you built his confidence?

I think I was talking about the confidence two weeks ago or one week ago. I think its too many details, small strategies from the coaching staff at the club. It's all about designing a strategy that you can provide the young guys to trust, to feel comfortable, to feel at home. Like everyone, they need to feel like they belong to this club. It's about time, and also finding the right people that can help.

Apart from confidence, did you provide a message?

Yes, of course, we are talking and we are working. It is the credit of the whole club, the whole coaching staff. We work really close to the players, Jesus, the people we find here, all of the staff, we have very good relationship and we decide for every single player something we want to improve in the areas we identify.

Did you have it in mind to give Mudryk a run of games?

He played because he deserved and because he’s showing in the training sessions that he deserved to be. He was really focused and his performance in training provides us the confidence to put him on the pitch and play. Normally, it’s to the players to show us that they deserve to play.

Caicedo issue?

Caicedo was a contusion but also hopefully it’s nothing wrong. He was tired, but it was a contusion.

Do you feel you've reached the turning point?

In football, you always need to be ready for everything. Now we are focusing to try and prepare the game sat which will be tough also. It's to keep working, give the players belief after two victories.. Keep designing the plan to provide them the best tools to perform and when you keep pushing and pushing you deserve what you wanted and so happy for the players. Now ready for Saturday and to recover all the players and hopefully not a big issue. Then we can choose the best XI on Saturday to compete.

Made the turn?

In football you need to be ready for everything. Now we are focusing to prepare for the next game staurday which will be tough also. I think It is important for the players to be relieved after two victories. Then we were playing well and we keep working and we keep giving providing them the tools to play well. Im so happy for the players. Now ready to Saturday but first we need to recover the players and hope its not a big issue so we have a competitive squad for Saturday.

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