Mauricio Pochettino is perfect man to stabilise Chelsea in the face of £1bn transfer chaos


Everton and Manchester United are living proof that money is not a guarantee of success on a football field but perhaps someone forgot to pass Todd Boehly that memo.

Chelsea’s American owner has spent more than £1billion since taking over from Roman Abramovich. Clearly well intentioned, Boehly has tried to fast-track his club back to their glory days but it is never as simple as that.

Players who arrive for extortionate prices can feel the weight of the world on their shoulders or, alternatively, they can start to believe their own hype. Add to that a crazily long contract a disenfranchised player can sit back, put his feet up and down tools at a canter.

All of this risks creating an environment of lethargy and idleness where player power comes out on top. But, if Mauricio Pochettino can keep his squad onside, he has a very good chance of taking Chelsea forward.

The Argentine has a proven track record of developing young players and keeping his squad happy. He worked wonders at Espanyol, Southampton and Spurs by doing exactly that.

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However, his time at Paris Saint-Germain, where he was surrounded by egos at every turn, did not live up to expectation. While Pochettino won trophies and got that particular monkey off his back, he did not win the Champions League and that is ultimately what PSG managers get judged upon.

Amid the scattergun spending at Chelsea, though, a very young and competitive squad has formed. Give or take, there is a healthy option of two players per-position when everybody is fit and recent performances against Fulham and Burnley have started to show the potential at this early stage.

Nicolas Jackson and Robert Sanchez feel like placeholders but they are very capable placeholders. Both contribute to the flow of the team and the way that Pochettino wants to play.

Pochettino is key to keeping the stack of cards in place. He is a likeable and relaxed individual who wants to play football in a progressive way.

Nonetheless, the big stumbling blocks start with the setup of the club. Pochettino can influence the culture but a poor financial model can always blow up in the face of a manager.

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