Every word Mauricio Pochettino said on Chelsea project, Colwill, Taylor fury and Haaland penalty


How proud of your team are you?

Yes, very, very proud. I think. So happy, the players deserve credit because this performance, this evening was amazing. You face a team that for for me is the best team in the world and yes too many circumstances that happen during the game that make me very proud because in the way that we manage the game was was really good.

Of course, always things to improve but it is the process when you want to build a journey, want to build a project from zero. I think this type of thing, very good to, you know, and This type of experience also games will improve our players and team a lot but now we need to use and to translate In the future.

You've lost this season against teams that have parked the bus but got results against Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Man City. Can you explain?

It's fine because you saw the circumstance. I cannot go back and explain every single game and to the beginning also, different circumstances of the team. Look, that is a process with time but I think... I don't know... Now I'm focused and so tired after Monday and Sunday. I don't want to be wrong when you assess the past. If I go back, of course very disappointed but it is a process, we are a young team and you feel the pressure to win.

And then you are Chelsea and sometimes with a team that the approach is completely different to the teams that use you told to us. I've seen, it's not easy. But that I think this type of performance, that are going to build the belief and and the confidence also and to patience when the approach of the game's is like Brentford or Nottingham Forest or even Aston Villa. I remember at 0-0 we were attacking, we create chances and then they counterattack because we lose Malo Gusto, who was sent off.

I think today we deserve much, to be in the top six, the top four, I don't know because of our performance but sometimes happens with this young team. Sometimes you concede or you don't have the patience to build and to score not from the beginning, you can score at the end and win the games and that happens.

But I think we show that we have quality, show that we have good ideas. in how we approach the game and the belief and the mentality, but of course, I was talking with your colleague before, we are a coaching staff, we arrived at Southampton and to Tottenham and now to Chelsea. I think we have experience and I think you know us in the way that we want to play and to develop the ideas.

I think this type of game happens because you face a team like City, but in front was Chelsea that wanted to win, wanted to be the protagonist and I think, you know, happened, what happened after that's everyone is so proud to be involved and to see in the world a game like today. Why the Premier League is the best game in the world.

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Chelsea came from behind three times, what did you see in the team's mentality?

They showed the character, showed the mentality, showed that we have tools against a team like Manchester City that we can go for their goal and to dominate to have the capacity to create chances. I think it's really important to today. I think, like I told you on Monday, maybe it's a starting point to start to build our confidence and to believe more in the way that we are working. I think today it's about now to translate in the way that we are going to complete in the future. I

Extremely angry and had to be pulled back at the end?

I need to apologise to Anthony [Taylor], and the referees and the fourth official, because in this moment I I feel that maybe Raheem can go through and go to score the fifth and it is moment I turn when finished the game to Anthony and say 'What the...' You know. He's going on. I said 'why stop in this moment? No, the action' And then when I turn say, 'I deserve to be booked'. Yes, I crossed the limit and I want to apologise. It's not a good image for me and for football for this type of behaviour.

Didn't shake Pep's hand?

I want to apologise to him also because in this moment I did not see I was focusing on the action so I want to apologise to Pep also.

What's your assessment of how far along you are in that project from zero?

Still far away, Away in the distance. That is the process, that is a different moment to this period. Of course, this type of performance, we need to use for the future and we can go step by step and maybe jump two steps. Caution because today was a massive motivation and the fans and the crowd were amazing supporting us and we need the fans also to be excited in the games when we will face and teams here,

Against Arsenal you played without a striker, did Jackson's hat-trick against Spurs mean he kept his place today?

We didn't have Broja, we didn't have Nkunku, we didn't have Nico who was recovering from the problem in his arm, that's why we didn't use one striker. Talk about the capacity and flexibility and how we are and not to effect the performance, that is a good thing. Today I think, we like to play with offensive player and players like Jackson, Broja and Nkunku. For sure if they are fit we will try to play with them.

The latest on Levi Colwill and chances of joining up with England?

I don't know? Jesus, Levi? [Press officer: We're going to update in the next 24 hours].

Opinion on the Manchester City penalty and how it played out?

We need to accept the decision. It is the opinion of VAR. Like I said before, during the Tottenham game, or when different coaches were complaining, it is the opinion of people that are sitting in a room with the cameras. I don't know. For me, what can I tell you? Sometimes it's for you, sometimes it's against. So easy, so easy is the decision.

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