Every word Mauricio Pochettino said on Chelsea win, VAR, Postecoglou tactics and Spurs return


Happy with the performance?

I think we deserved to win. We forced them to make too many mistakes. I think Tottenham was better in the first 15 minutes and then I think we matched the game I think our performance was good and start to force to make a mistake. I think everything that you can see within during the game I think was was fair. And yes, we were talking before. I think we compare when Tottenham beat Liverpool like today, a similar game like today, a similar and maybe complain Liverpool and maybe it wasn't. But today I think was everything that happened in the game was fair.

That is why for one, I think this overall, I think the the performance was good because we arrived in a moment, different moment than Tottenham thhat was top of the table and beating and playing really, really well and full of confidence. And for us it was in a situation to arrive here and to play against the the leader, you know, in a really the best, you know, situation that you can and this performance I think shows that we were really good and deserved the win and nothing to say more than that.

Surprised they played so high up the pitch?

But then it is 1-4, you know, you can take a risk and then nothing to lose because you are on the top of the table, you know, full confidence and you need to, to take risk and you take risks. But maybe you don't, you know, maybe you can because again, a team like us that maybe we didn't, you know, have the, the, the capacity to read better the game.

But I think on the end, we, we got what we, what we wanted and in the end it is 1-4. Look that we can analyse and think and talk and do things and then for us, the three points We played really well from the beginning of the season, we deserve more but in the end, if you see the the table, we are in the middle, you know. Yes, you can play well, you can take a risk, but in the end it's about to win points and for us, it was really important today and to come here to Tottenham and win the game against a team I think that was playing really well. I think it's important and that can, can be important, you know, three points for us to build our confidence and start to push up the table.

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But were you frustrated at times of how difficult you made it for yourself?

But again, please, I think you are wrong in your assessment. I think if you watch Tottenham and Liverpool, and Tottenham score in the last minute never is easy. It's nothing to lose two players sent off and yes, it's normally, you know, you lose the game. How you lose the game? Maybe you can lose after, you know, in the first half or the second half or in the last minute and that happen, it is difficult to analyse now and to talk about tactics or talk about things that maybe I think we don't need to talk now.

But the most important is 1-4, three points for us and we need to keep moving and look forward for the next game.

Do you understand Ange Postecoglou's VAR complaints?

I think we are frustrated, ok, maybe we have a different, you know, one win, another lose, but I agree with him. But that is the football that we want or we wanted and we allowed the technology to arrive and now we cannot complain.

If I remember, when I was here, I think I start to implement the, the VAR and I said I do not agree about the VAR but after I support the VAR and now we need to support, but we need to try to find the best way to use. Always it is difficult because we can see or we are seeing many, you know, things that is difficult to see, and to check and to check and to check. Today I think we play 110 or 120 minutes. I don't know if it's one o'clock in the morning or two o'clock now, you know, it's really tough.

But that is the football that, you know, we all, we were open to receive the technology. I don't want to remember but too many coaches wanted the VAR And then when you say against you and now we know that is, it's a disgrace and that it is, you know, it's difficult.

I'm not talking about Arteta. The balance is really difficult, but it's the football that we need to try to help altogether to improve this type of thing because if not, but in a competitive game like today that I think five goals is disallowed. Yes, but you need to check and then you need to play because, when the time when you check and this time and then you need to come on with the possibility to play. It's not easy the situation.

Pleased your team were able to stay disciplined?

Yes. Thank you for the good question because that a team that arrives like Chelsea, that is a very new team, it's a thing that we are still far away from what we want, we are building something there, but we need time and to come to the leader against a team that was full of confidence and after to concede because we really, we started the game really bad, very sloppy and we cannot connect, we were very nervous and then how reacts the team. They deserve all of the credit the players, of course, and the team and I think we were calm after because we start to create chances and force them to make the mistake and then we get the goal and I think after the control was there.

It's true that we concede some chances that we cannot concede that, I agree with you. Maybe we can assess the performance and to see the goal of Dier or this type of situation or Son, that we lose the ball and we allow them to run, of course, we need to control better.

But that is about, you know, the situation. It's about that we are building our confidence and when you need to be more relaxed in the way that we play and you need to have more the capacity. It's not about the quality it's more about the emotional moment and when you see that you can win the game, sometimes you take wrong decision, but that is about with the time we are going to improve, we have the capacity and we have the quality. But yes, thank you for the question.

Now, it's all over, how do you feel about your return?

I feel much better now. I think after four years to have the possibility to come back and to say hello to all the staff and the people that we have the possibility to say goodbye, I think it is a gift for us. Yes, very emotional.

At the same time, I think the memories, you know, in your skin and then it was the game that was very passionate game, very competitive game. I think being honest, winning the three points really important for us I think was an amazing, amazing day for us.

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