Every word Mikel Arteta said on Havertz winner, Ramsdale errors and Arsenal going top of league


Thoughts on the game?

So happy. When you have the opportunity to go top, and you come and winter starts and it’s cold you come to a place as uncomfortable as Brentford, I think the team showed so much willingness to compete, to dig in and to play the game we had to play to win it and I think we fully deserved to win the game. I’m so happy.

When Havertz scored against Bournemouth people thought it might be a sliding doors moment. Does this feel different?

Yes. But I think that’s the beauty of it. If things come easy, you don’t value them. If things came easy then he wouldn’t have got the reception he got today with everybody hugging him and telling him how much we love him. It’s for a reason, it’s because of the way he behaves in difficult situations. He’s an example for all of us to do what you have to do when you have difficulties. It’s a great example for the team. We cannot be happier that a big game like him won the game for the team.

Are you still trying to figure out your attacking blend?

I hope I am. I hope we can be better and better and adapt because the reality is we lost a lot of attacking players in this first period of the league and the team continued to find ways to win. Today we had to put another attacking player because I suspected what they would do and what we might need and what we got was really good I thought.

Is that sort of late run and finish why you signed Havertz?

Yes. Absolutely yes. Against these blocks, and against teams that defend the box like this, you need this kind of profile. He’s exceptional at that. Today he won the game in that action for us.

Do you think the late wins are creating a narrative around your team like Man United had with Fergie time?

I prefer to score three in the first half. We created some big chances to score and we had the disallowed goal. But if you don’t the team needs to have that resilience. It shows as well the impact and the importance of the finishers. Today they were crucial again.

It was a tough start from Ramsdale but what did you make of how he bounced back in the second half?

This is football. I’m so happy with the team, the way the team performed with the clean sheet. We move on. So happy.

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He was getting lots of stick from the fans but he seemed to get better as it went on…

Courage. He has big courage and big personality and that’s what why we love him.

What does the players running over to Aaron say about the team spirit?

It’s a joy as a manager to watch this kind of reaction. The players looking after themselves and showing love to each other, it doesn’t get any better than that. Today is my 200th game and when I see players who behave like that a staff that is smiling, I’m so happy and I cannot be prouder and more grateful for everybody that’s been with us every single day to make my job more enjoyable.

Kai played left back for Germany and pops up with a winner today. What does that say about his versatility?

First of all his quality, because a player that can play in different positions needs a lot of qualities to do that. Then that he puts his head down and drives the team. He does that in any position I ask him, it’s the same. But he’s not the only one. Today I asked Jorginho to play three minutes and by the time I turned to say his name he had already taken everything and was ready to go. It’s just a joy of a team to work with.

Why did you want to drag Havertz over to the fans?

Because he fully deserves it. When you are there sometimes and you have to face it and he’s done that. He didn’t hide. So now go and face the beautiful moment as well because you deserve it. I knew he wasn’t going to do that so I had to push him.

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