Man City ace Jack Grealish denies 'disrespectful' claims from furious Fluminense star


Manchester City star Jack Grealish has hit back at Fluminense star Felipe Melo after the Brazilian described his alleged on-pitch antics as "disrespectful". Pep Guardiola's side added to their trophy-laden calendar year with a 4-0 rout over their opponents in Saudi Arabia, but not without controversy at the final whistle.

City coasted to an impressive victory but Grealish was accused of saying 'olé' during the match to Melo, mocking a perceived inferior Brazilian side in Jeddah as the Premier League side racked up possession in the second half on their way to another comfortable win.

Melo was involved in a post-match bust-up with Grealish's team-mate Kyle Walker at the full-time whistle when the 40-year-old former Juventus and Inter Milan enforcer took issue with some of the comments made by City's players.

"I've already seen on social media idiots saying that I started a mess," Melo told Brazilian media when asked about the brawl. "Just as the idiots said that I started the mess with the goal that Gremio scored (in their Brazilian league game). In the game against Gremio, I calmly went to ask the athlete celebrating with their fans. And they ended up creating a mess. And I didn't want a mess.

"Today Grealish was disrespectful towards the Fluminense institution and I will never let that happen... He was shouting "olé" at the end of the game. This is for the fans, the fans can shout "olé". The athlete on the field cannot be disrespectful towards the institution. So, for the idiots who call themselves journalists and have already said that I started trouble, I didn't start any confusion, on the contrary, I went to defend (Matheus) Martinelli, who was being cornered by this athlete. And I would do it again. I am a warrior."

Grealish, however, took to social media shortly after Melo's quotes emerged and insisted that his comments were untrue. "Not once did I say ole," he replied on X (formerly known as Twitter).

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