Chelsea 'can't escape points deduction' as Todd Boehly warned about new documents


Former Everton chief Keith Wyness believes Chelsea may have no way out of a points deduction as a consequence of their aggressive transfer spending under Todd Boehly. The Blues have splashed more than £920million on players over the last three years but have very little to show for it, with Mauricio Pochettino's side currently stuck in mid-table.

Earlier this month, Chelsea announced a loss of £90.1m for the 2022/23 campaign to raise fears over their compliance with profit and sustainability rules. The Premier League have been coming down hard on teams who have fallen foul of the regulations, with Everton and Nottingham Forest both getting points deductions in recent months.

Chelsea have denied that they will breach PSR throughout this season, insisting in their statement on the accounts that they are expecting to comply with all Premier League financial rules. However, former Everton chief executive Wyness has warned that a penalty could be inevitable unless Chelsea can pull off some 'very clever engineering in the transfer market'.

Speaking on the Inside Track podcast, Wyness said: "I think this time next year we’re going to be sitting here discussing the Chelsea rule breach. I don’t think the Premier League have left themselves anywhere else to go but a serious points deduction.

"I think Chelsea could have had the biggest breach so far unless there is some very clever engineering done in the transfer market, but I think it will be very hard to do. Listen, don’t underestimate Todd Boehly and his ability and connections with Saudi Arabia.

"There are a lot of connections between Saudi and his investment group to try and pull something out of the fire, but I feel there is no way out of this one for Chelsea. This time next year, we’ll be talking about unhappy Chelsea fans. There will be a lot more documents from the Everton and Nottingham Forest cases setting up precedents for how these things are going to be handled."

Meanwhile, it was recently claimed by former Manchester City advisor Stefan Borson that Chelsea will almost certainly fail PSR at the end of the season unless they can raise £100m before the summer.

"In my mind, there is certainly trouble on the horizon and they will certainly fail FFP for the current season unless, and it seems unlikely, that by June 30th they sell well over £100m worth of players," Borson told talkSPORT last month.

"The window that they can now do that is very small because straight after the season we have the Euros. Someone like Conor Gallagher is going to be at the Euros from June 14th so if they want to ship him before the 30th, they have got to move very quickly and the likely buyers are going to know that Chelsea need to sell players.

"This breach that Chelsea could be lined up for is much bigger than Everton’s and, most importantly, they will consider it deliberate. They can’t hide behind a new stadium and inadvertently breaching FFP."

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