Furious England fans refuse to buy new kit as Nike told they've crossed the line


Express user AlbertsBoy wrote: “Boycott Nike. Who gave them the right to alter the English flag of St George? How would they react if the US was altered to a woke image? This is disgusting. If the players had any backbone or pride of playing for England they would refuse to wear the shirt with a false England image on it.”

County99 added: “Taking it to the bare facts, Nike have deleted the St George’s flag and replaced it with an elongated ‘+’ sign. Why on earth did the FA agree to this? Whatever the reason, it is not an England flag, it is an elongated + sign and a very good commercial symbol which no doubt Nike will be very grateful for.”

An equally angry user, Fluffyrock, wrote: “It's a disgrace, imagine the uproar if it been done in other countries. Let a British company design our shirts using the colours of our flag, which didn't need any update, especially not this nonsense. We take our football seriously and don't need fun updates that will unite us against the shirt and not with it. It's not inclusive. It's insulting.”

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