Emmerdale confirms death tragedy as ‘scheming’ Ella Forster’s secrets are ‘exposed’ in funeral showdown

 Emmerdale is finally set to shed some light on mysterious newcomer Ella Forster (Paula Lane), with upcoming scenes seeing her get into quite a showdown at a funeral.

Emmerdale confirms death tragedy as ‘scheming’ Ella Forster’s secrets are ‘exposed’ in funeral showdown

Cast and crew members of the ITV soap were spotted filming scenes on-location for the funeral in question, which appears to be for someone named June Phillips.

Ella, who has been the subject of much fan speculation since her debut, is joined by Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) as she watches the service from a distance.

Things subsequently turn nasty, with one of the funeral attendees getting into a showdown with Liam.

Liam makes a swift exit but the funeral-goer, evidently upset, chases after the local GP with a heated confrontation ensuing, with things getting out of hand as the tension reaches boiling point!

Ella – who was also spotted laying flowers – intervenes, urging the two men to stop the violence, but she soon finds herself on the receiving end of the funeral-goer’s rage, as he has a proper go at her.

Devastated, Ella turns and walks away.

The question is: just who is June Phillips in relation to Ella? Is it someone she knew? And is this funeral attendee a relative or a former friend of the village’s new GP receptionist?

Either way, it’s clear that they’ve got beef with Ella and, as a result, it’s likely that the scenes in question will shed some light on the newcomer, who is absolutely not what she seems.

Ella rocked up in the eponymous village earlier this year, making quite an entrance as she poured a drink over her bully of a boss, who was making fun of Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley).

Mandy was extremely grateful, with the two forging a special bond afterwards, while Ella subsequently landed a job as a receptionist at the new and improved local GP surgery.

Given that no-one is just plain nice in the land of soap, fans are convinced that Ella has ulterior motives – and a number of scenes and throwaway lines have certainly added fuel to that fire.

A comment about past friends – not to mention those Meena mentions! – have led to speculation aplenty. But just who is she? And what is she up to?

But we’ll find out soon enough it seems, with the aforementioned funeral scenes set to offer some insight.

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