Love Island fans spot huge clue couple have secretly got back together after bitter fallout on reality show

 LOVE Island fans spot think they've spotted a huge clue that Paige Turley and Finn Tapp have secretly got back together.

Love Island fans spot huge clue couple have secretly got back together after bitter fallout on reality show

Paige, 26, and Finn, 24, endured a bitter fallout on Celebrity Ex On The Beach when he slept with MAFS star Tamara Joy, 35, who also stars in the MTV series.

But it appears they've patched thing up, if Finn's attendance at the London Marathon is anything to go by.

Scottish lass Paige had been running in the road race for the charity, Children With Cancer UK, completing 18 miles in 5hrs 17m.

In an Instagram photo dump today, Finn included one shot from the marathon of an attendee, "I want 2 be you when I grow up."

One follower commented, "His last picture from the marathon though," with a second adding, "Exactly my thoughts."

Others speculated that the woman could even have been Paige, but this was soon debunked by the fact she was competing.

Meanwhile, Paige documented her progress on TikTok.

The couple met on the first winter series of Love Island in 2020 and went on to live together.

However, three years later they reportedly realized that they "weren't forever" and went separate ways.

The pair both took part on Ex on the Beach, which is currently airing - but it's been revealed that they rekindled their relationship during filming.

Before starring on the reality programme, Finn said in an interview that he and Paige were not back together - but that could be to protect against spoilers.

But according to insiders, Finn was heard telling co-stars at the Celebrity Ex On The Beach launch that he and Paige were giving things another go.

A source told The Sun: "Finn was overheard chatting to pals at the Celebrity Ex On The Beach launch earlier this week, where he told them he and Paige are giving things another go.

Love Island fans spot huge clue couple have secretly got back together after bitter fallout on reality show

"The truth is, neither of them properly moved on after their split and they realised while filming the MTV reality show that there were still a lot of feelings there.

“After filming wrapped, they had a big heart to heart and decided they still wanted to be together. They’re taking it slowly, as they obviously had issues before splitting, but they’re committed to making it work this time.”

A show spoiler also sees the couple sitting down and talking about their split.

Finn, who has a tattoo of Paige's name, told her: "I don't want to lose you completely."

The rumours have sparked scepticism from fans, who think they faked their split to get on the show.

"So they went on another reality show with a sob story, made their money then hay presto their back together…." one wrote on Facebook.

"Prob just a gimmick 2 get more viewers," another suggested.

Another called the split and rekindling "convenient", while a fourth wrote: "More like pretended to split for ex on the beach and then pretended to get back together on the show." 

"It was a ploy to get on a TV show again," another added.

But not everyone was up in arms about the recoupling, with many saying that Paige and Finn were their 'favourite couple'.

"Love these 2 together," one wrote, while another said: "Aww good I think they suit."

The pair didn't confirm their split until June 2023, with Paige saying that they'd "drifted apart".

Speaking on Love Island: Aftersun last summer, she told Maya Jama: "We're still really good friends... I think we drifted apart. We did lockdown together and any and every struggle we could have faced, we were faced with.

She added: "But we're still good friends."

Finn has still not commented on their split.